A Free Discount Program for Consumers in the US

If you are looking for discounts on your prescription drugs, dental and vision services, then you have come to the right place. This site is specially designed to offer a free discount Rx, dental & vision card for you and your family. There is no monthly fee or registration cost associated with this discount program offering. The card can be used by all family members. With the prescription discount card, you’ll be able to obtain savings of up to 65% on drug prices with the network of over 50,000 pharmacies.

This prescription drug card is not a replacement of your existing health insurance coverage or plan, but as an enhancement to your current coverage. You may find that this prescription discount card may provide you with discounts for medications not covered by your plan or might extend better pricing on medications than your current health plan. This card also offers a mail order pharmacy program which may enhance your current plan.

The purpose of this card is to increase consumerism in the United States with regard to American’s prescription drug medications. It is not recommended to be used when your current health plan allows you to integrate your prescription drug use with your deductible and out of pocket costs. To benefit from the discounts offered through this program, just show your card to a participating pharmacy in your area. Non-prescription, over the counter medications, and medical equipment are not included in this program.

We hope you find this pharmacy benefit card to be valuable and useful when purchasing prescription drugs for yourself and family. Please feel free to educate your family members, friends, & colleagues about this service and site. Should you need additional Rx discount cards, please feel free to contact us by 
e-mailing us.

There are no limits in additional cards you request, as we can produce single requests, including requests of over 1,000 Rx cards for your company or organization.  

Please note that discounts are subject to availability in each state and void where prohibited by law. This card is not a guarantee of benefits. Any discount benefits may cease at anytime without notice.

Stay healthy and shop wisely for your health care needs.